CAMO Services

CAMO provides full management services to HOAs, Townhomes and Condominiums in the Denver area.

  • Property Physical Management
    • Identify Issues and Respond to Problems
    • Recommend and Manage Vendors
      • Gather and verify Vendor credentials, insurance and tax information
    • Process Bids and Award Contracts
    • Project Management
  • Communications
    • Responds to concerns of Association Members
    • Issue newsletters and send out email blasts
  • Declaration Compliance Administration
    • Regular Inspections
    • Violation Management
  • Board Support
    • Board advise, counsel and assistance
      • Explain Covenants and Bylaws
    • Administer and Manage Declaration Amendments in consult with Legal Counsel
    • Board Meeting Preparation and Implementation
      • Prepare materials and write minutes
      • Counsel Board on Efficient and Productive Meetings
    • Annual Meeting Management
      • Prepare Meeting Materials
      • Arrange Venue
      • Send out Legal Notices
      • Chair meeting
      • Conduct Board Member elections
      • Prepare Draft Minutes
    • Financial Management
      • Prepare Annual Budget
      • Monthly Financial Statements
        • Analyze Financial situation and trends.
        • Analysis and Explanation for Board
      • Collection of Past Due Assessments (AR)
      • Arrange for Insurance
        • Process Insurance Claims
      • Manage Association Bank Accounts
      • Process Vendor Invoices
  • Process property sale paperwork

1100 Johnson Road #17477, Golden, CO 80401.   Ph: 303-495-2860. 


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